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Tidio is on the verge of redefining customer service with our AI-driven product.

Our vision is to disrupt the market as we know it and make the customer service frictionless for everyone. Are you ready to play a part?






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We work hard to achieve our goals and we won't hesitate to admit it.

We have high aspirations, and achieving great results matters to us. Our values guide us in our daily work.

Focus on Impact

Focus on Impact

We build our products with a focus on the long-term value for customers. With clearly set goals we aren't afraid of autonomy. With every task we take and every decision we make, we consider the eventual outcome and whether this is the best focus. This also means saying "no" a lot, and that's OK. Long-term goals and values always outweigh short-term gains.

Play Fair

Play Fair

We welcome and include everyone, apply the same policies, and treat others the way we want to be treated. We give feedback and recognition to others and encourage everyone to express their opinions. Thanks to this, we ensure that Tidio is a rewarding workplace and that every great idea is noticed.

Learn & Share

Learn & Share

We welcome and include everyone, apply the same policies, and treat others the way we want to be treated. We give feedback and recognition to others and encourage everyone to express their opinions. Thanks to this, we ensure that Tidio is a rewarding workplace and that every great idea is noticed.

Take Ownership

Take Ownership

There is always an owner. We work together, ask and help each other, but ultimately, your project is yours.  Ownership also brings trust. We trust that your plan is the best for our customers and Tidio.  We know that others can count on us, and we can count on them. Knowing that everyone is accountable makes every process easier.

Looking for more info on our approach? Read our Code of Conduct and Ethics

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Some benefits may vary depending on your location

Min. 26 days off

We care about your work-life balance, so we encourage you to take time to relax

Development budget

Invest in your personal growth by participating in courses and conferences, all supported by us!

Access to coworking spaces

Every Tidioer has the option to work from their local coworking space.

Medical care

Maintain your good health with our medical insurance

Mental well-being program

Get access to individual therapy sessions and resources for employees

Cafeteria plan

Additional monthly budget to spend on sports cards, shopping or service vouchers

Internal development program

Need support with your professional growth? We’ve got you covered!

Tech guilds

Excited about engineering news? Join our 
Front-end or Back-end guilds!

Individual work equipment

Choose the tools that are best for you from the available options

Referral program

Recommend working at Tidio to your friends and get a chance to score extra cash

Buddy program

Difficult first days? Not with the support of your Buddy!

Tidio Ambassadors

We provide you with extra workshops and tools to help you grow your personal brand

Free English or Polish classes

Enhance your language skills with 1:1 sessions with native speakers

Free e-book/audiobook services

Are you a bookworm? Then you’ll use it every day!

Fun stuff

Tidio Camp, winter parties, team 
get-togethers… stay tuned for some fun!

Employee Stories

What initially drew me to Tidio was its perfect blend of challenges and opportunities. Being here, I can step up and lead projects, even though they may be new and challenging. Seeing how our product and team evolve is just exciting – there is a genuine grin on my face when I stumble upon old versions of our website, realizing how far we have come. For me, Tidio is a workplace where we aim high, watch each other’s back, and embrace the changes.

Ignas Simkus

Head of Partnership

Tidio has transformed my work life with its flexible schedules and remote options, allowing me to craft my day for maximum productivity. Its flat hierarchy fosters close connections with managers and executives, fostering a strong team spirit. I love the chance to explore diverse industries here, keeping my work dynamic and exciting. Tidio’s vibrant culture celebrates diversity through fun team events and both virtual and in-person meet-ups. Here, I feel empowered to lead projects, collaborate with incredible colleagues, and make a real difference in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Anna Tereshchenko

Customer Success Manager

Working at Tidio is demanding and rewarding, and the dynamic environment fosters immense personal growth. We leverage a mix of cutting-edge and popular technologies to provide the best front-end developer experience. We use real-time communication via WebSockets to enrich the user experience.

Patryk Makowiak

Staff Frontend Developer

I've joined Tidio in the early 2021, which was my second try to get in, one year after first attempt. What I value at Tidio? Transparency, trust, ownership and team engagement. I have an established growth path on a way to seniority in product management, I receive tools and resources needed to grow. I choose my way of working - I can attend a call from morning walk in the park with a baby stroller, which is the only way to keep my newborn daughter sleep longer than 30 minutes.

Mateusz Bartela

Senior Product Manager

At Tidio, machine learning isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the heart of our innovation. We’re not just tinkering with prototypes; we’re deploying robust ML solutions that impact users daily. With full ownership over our projects, from research to deployment, we drive real business results. The startup vibe fuels creativity and the transparency fosters trust, free from office politics. If you thrive in a high-energy, autonomous environment where impact is key, Tidio is your playground!

Bartek Kowalczuk

Machine Learning Lead

Is Tidio the right place for you?

You aim high

In our reality, each individual’s impact is tangible and substantially contributes to the overarching goal. We want to make a significant change for our clients, so we set high expectations for ourselves and don’t settle for mediocre results.

You quickly adjust to changes

We operate in a dynamic tech industry and are at a company growth stage where we embrace changes daily. We move forward fast, test ideas quickly, and pivot often. Is it your style, too?

Your work is important to you

Passion for work and professional growth are the values many of us identify with. For our team, we seek experts who are committed to their job and don’t want it just to be a side hustle.

You trust others and can be trusted

We know that reaching the high standards we set for ourselves cannot be achieved alone. Tidioers are a group of people who work together and use each other’s strengths to achieve results.

Thinking alike?