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Hi! We are Tidio!

We’re a fast-growing digital product company.

We create a Customer Experience tool with a mission to help micro- and small businesses from around the world grow and serve their clients effectively.

Our live chat is powered by unique chatbots and used by over 510 million unique users worldwide. We currently hire over 180 people and keep growing every day.
tidio team photograph

Hi! We are Tidio.

We’re a digital product company originating from Poland.

We create a Customer Experience tool with a mission to help micro & small businesses from around the world grow and serve their clients effectively.

Our livechat is powered by unique chatbots and used by over 378 million unique users around the world. We currently hire over 120 people and keep growing every day.

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Development budget

Invest in your personal growth by participating in courses and conferences, all supported by us!

Leadership development

Taking first steps as a manager? Participate in our Leaders Labs workshops

Tech guilds

Looking for ways to discuss the latest news in your field? Join our Front-end or Back-end guilds!

Buddy program

Difficult first days? Not with the support of your Buddy!

Tidio Ambassadors

We provide you with extra workshops and tools to help you grow your personal brand as an expert in your field

Referral program

Recommend working at Tidio to your friends and get a chance to score extra cash

What our employees say

maciek przekop
I've joined Tidio in the early 2021, which was my second try to get in, one year after first attempt. What I value at Tidio? Transparency, trust, ownership and team engagement. I have an established growth path on a way to seniority in product management, I receive tools and resources needed to grow. I choose my way of working - I can attend a call from morning walk in the park with a baby stroller, which is the only way to keep my newborn daughter sleep longer than 30 minutes.

Mateusz Bartela – Senior Product Manager

Product Team

I joined Tidio in March 2021 ready to upscale my existing skills and learn how to write types of pieces that I’ve never written before, like original research studies. Working here has already allowed me to evolve when it comes to my skills and truly transform the whole writing process. For example, I managed to publish my first original study research already during my second month, which became a valuable source of traffic.

Gosia Szaniawska-Schiavo – Content & Outreach Manager

Search Acquistion Team

I decided to join Tidio in early 2020, mainly because I was looking for new opportunities to develop and to find recognition for my work. What I like most about working here is that I’m given lots of freedom to handle my tasks the way I want. With the amount of trust and recognition I receive from my supervisors, I really feel like a respected and important member of my company.

Maciek Przekop - Customer Success Manager

Customer Experience Team

I joined Tidio in Sep 2021 mainly because I wanted to work in a place where I would have a real impact on the created product. With my previous startup background, I hoped that in Tidio, I'd find the perfect balance - a dynamic work environment and ambitious projects, and an opportunity for further development in a company with a huge scale and potential. And I did. What I value at Tidio the most is that we, as developers, are not only code monkeys, but we're deeply engaged in solving the problems of our stakeholders. Tidio also promotes ownership culture - I know that I have people around me who are really engaged in what we do here.

Bartłomiej Glac - Senior Frontend Developer

Product Team

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