My Growth - Creative tasks and knowledge sharing - Sara Knop, Customer Experience Content Specialist

Sara Knop. Content Specialist in the Customer Experience team at Tidio. She joined Tidio almost three years ago as a Junior Support Specialist to later shift into a more content-oriented role and help users get to know Tidio products through the Help Center articles. After work, she loves to cook, spend time with her dog, organize techno events and deepen her knowledge of content creation.

What does “Grow with Tidio” mean to you?

Continued learning helps me develop professionally & progress with my individual goals & plans. At Tidio, we all want to contribute to creating a better product. It often means we need to step out of our professional “comfort zones” to acquire skills & knowledge that may help us see things from different perspectives. That is how I jumped to a new CX Content role from the Support position I started in. We also focus on the ownership that gives us a lot of freedom on how we want to grow within our expertise. However, the most impactful role in my growth play the people I work with. Many inspiring people in our company are always ready to share their knowledge & feedback with you that the growing part comes naturally to most of us. 

What attracted you to Tidio in the first place? Where did you first hear about Tidio?

I was just about to return from my exchange year in the US back to Poland and continue my university. I searched for jobs that would allow me to combine work with my study and found an offer to join Tidio Support Team. I remember I was really impressed by how outstanding the offer was compared to any other offers available on the market. I loved how important the growth & constant learning was for the company and how open & laid-back the company’s culture was. Without much thinking, I applied for the role. A few days later, I jumped on a video call, which led me to an in-person interview, the first thing I landed in the country. I was so excited to join Tidio that I came to an interview the following day after my long-haul flight. A few weeks later, I started my role in a Junior Customer Support position to later shift into a more Content-oriented role. 

What do you do in Tidio? What does your day look like?

Most of my days I work  with lots of information. In my team, we usually start our day with a quick, daily meeting where we briefly explain what we are currently focusing on and catch up on some day-to-day topics. Our favorite is probably the weather, haha. Who doesn't love to talk about the weather? After our call, I start with my tasks, that focus on maintaining the Help Center content and ensuring our users can easily find up-to-date information about our products. Besides that, I am also taking care of the internal knowledge base system we work with inside our Customer-focused department. I aim to ensure all of our agents & team members are up to date with the product updates, all of our products are well explained, and we have troubleshooting steps for most of the possible issues that our customers can encounter. I recently started experimenting more with the video content to give our users a more visual way to get to know our products. I would summarize my work as "always looking for solutions & ideas to make our users understand the products & make the best usage of them." 

At Tidio we can work 100% remotely and we also have access to our two offices in Szczecin and in Warsaw. What is your favorite way of working?

Remote! That's probably my favorite part of working at Tidio. I've always loved to travel, so when we switched to remote work, I knew I needed to use that chance and work from places I could only dream about living in before. I booked one month's stay in Budapest and another month in Berlin to later come back to Budapest for longer. That's how I ended up living in Budapest for almost two years now, and I still believe the remote work comes with many perks! To name a few, I don't need to commute anymore, and the time I used for it, I can devote to those little things in the morning that make your day, like brewing my favorite coffee, reading a book on the balcony, sleeping in an hour longer. However, the best part is that I could finally take a dog and don't worry about what he was doing for many hours if I needed to be in the office. Whenever I feel like working from out or need to focus a little more, I go to co-working spaces or my favorite coffee places. Peanut, my dog, is usually coming along too! 

What is your favorite part of your role?  

The ability to be creative & being able to share the knowledge with others! Even if I work in tech, my role allows me to stay creative. For me, it's a perfect combination I always wanted to combine! Most of the time, I work with technical information. Still, I always try to make them as easy to understand as possible, which often requires me to be creative with the content structure, architecture, style, visual presentation, etc. For example, I don't want to feel like our Help Center materials are boring. My goal is to engage the users in the steps of finding the answers to their problems and later feel satisfied with handling the cases themselves & knowing the products. 

What are your hobbies? What do you love to do after work?

I will probably be boring this time, but I love cooking & making the food look good. The moment I always wait for is putting the food on the plates and decorating it so that the people who will try it feel sorry for destroying it. If I am not cooking, you can probably catch me training my dog in the park & working on my patience (oh, puppies!). Besides that, I am an organizer of a techno event series for 1000+ attendants that happens every few months & pretty keen on Social Media strategists & management. However, the best part for me of all the 'after work activities' is to just lay down in the sun & do nothing. My goal for this year is to spend the winter in a warmer place to lay down in the sun all year long!

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