My Growth - Learning from each other and choosing your own path - Maria Rukat, Frontend Developer

Maria has been working as a Frontend Developer for nearly 4 years. At first, in Tidio, she was in the team responsible for the homepage, and recently she joined the chatbots team. Privately - a fan of mountains and tasty food, interested in psychology, culture, and people.

What does "Grow with Tidio" mean to you?

Tidio has a "startup culture" and is growing quite fast, so I can find here many natural occasions to develop myself and my skills. It also means that I can choose what I want to do and decide on the direction of my growth.

What's more, "Grow with Tidio" means that not only do other people support me (e.g., my leader and colleagues from my team) but also I support them by giving feedback, sharing knowledge, and being happy when others succeed. It works both ways - you not only take but also give.

What attracted you to Tidio in the first place?

Two aspects were most important.
Firstly, Tidio is a product company focused on developing its own product and giving customers huge value. From my experience, I thought (and I was right) that this type of company would be the best place for me.

Secondly - great recruitment process! It was well-thought-out, and I felt that I received all important information not only about the organization and its culture, but also about my position and expectations. I met great people, and I was pretty sure that I would like to work with them.

What does your typical week working at Tidio look like?

Every week is a little bit different, but probably it will contain these elements:

  • Implementing tasks - that's obvious, but of course, it's not only about coding. It is also: communicating with the team, ensuring that my solution will be consistent with requirements, and taking care of good tests and code quality.
  • Making code review - a great opportunity to learn something from others and confront my opinions with different perspectives.
  • Scrum meetings - my favorite one is refinement because this is the place where we can focus as a team on delivering the best solution for our users. For some developers, "business staff" is boring, but for me - this is totally essential and fun to know if my code is really used and helps users solve their problems.
  • Improvement Fridays - this is the day when we, developers, can focus on improving the quality of our code, removing some legacy, and preparing things that will make our work nicer and easier.
  • Chatting! Even though usually, I don't meet my team at the office, I really want to have contact with them, so from time to time, we drink coffee together… well, we see each other on the screen and have time to chat about anything :)

At Tidio, we can work 100% remotely, and we also have access to our two offices in Szczecin and Warsaw. What is your favorite way of working?

Sometimes I like to go to the office and meet people there, and sometimes I prefer to stay at home - it is nice that I can choose! I'm happy that I can take my work with me: if I'm visiting friends, I can make my trip a little bit longer because I don't have to get back to Warsaw on Monday. For me, it's vital that working 100% remotely doesn't mean that we don't meet face-to-face. Tidio gives occasion to meet people from the team and the whole company - and I grab that chance!

What is your favorite part of your role?

The connection between technical work and business. I'm totally fascinated when many blocks: code, users' needs, and the company's aims, start to fit together. This process of creating something from scratch and looking for the best ways to reach the goal gives me so much fun!

What are your hobbies? What do you love to do after work?

I love spending time in nature. Long hikes in the mountains, walks in the woods - that's how I recharge my batteries. I totally enjoy spending time with my friends, especially eating something tasty, cause I'm an absolute foodie! I'm not a person focused on one hobby. It's exciting to check new things, so one evening, I can learn how to weave, and the next, I will try to braid a garland. Or check a new board game!

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