My Growth - Never-ending learning and mutual trust - Maryia Fokina, PR & Content Specialist

Maryia does outreach for Tidio. While focusing on quality PR, she makes sure to write articles on authoritative domains (including Tidio blog!) to promote Tidio’s expertise and valuable insights. In her personal life, Maryia is a big fan of traveling, aspiring to visit as many unique places as possible. She also reads a lot, watches Netflix shows, and aspires to learn to brew the best coffee.

What does “Grow with Tidio” mean to you?

To me, “Grow with Tidio” means becoming my best professional and personal self at a pace comfortable for me, without sacrificing anything I believe in. Tidio is about ambitious goals, fresh challenges, and never-ending learning. However, it is also about incredible support from your team and the whole company, great work-life balance, flexibility, and freedom to be yourself. These factors combined created a unique environment for growth and development. It’s amazing that for everyone in the company, this focus on growth is not just words - everyone is doing their best to ensure their walk matches their talk, so to speak. Being surrounded by these incredible people, it’s really hard not to grow. They will not let you stagnate.

What do you do at Tidio? What does your day look like?  

At Tidio, I’m a PR & Content Specialist. What I do is write a lot: expert quotes for high-quality websites (think Forbes, PCmag, or Yahoo News), guest articles, and email PR pitches. I’ve also started writing some content for our Tidio Blog, and I’m very excited about this opportunity. In addition, the ‘PR’ part of my job is reaching out to journalists, bloggers, and fellow SaaS marketers to get media mentions and backlinks for Tidio. This boosts our SEO profile and allows more people to notice Tidio on Google Search.

My days are different depending on the tasks I have in my backlog. Some days, I’m setting up a PR campaign - writing the pitch, managing contacts, and organizing everything in the PR software we use. I also usually take some time to manage my inbox: I go through partnership proposals, ask other marketers to collaborate, and check the responses I get for my outreach activities. Some days are more about writing and editing. 3 times a week, we have catch-up calls with my team, and once a week, there is a 1:1 call with my manager. It’s nice to have these moments when we can just chat instead of constantly typing Slack messages. :)

At Tidio, we can work 100% remotely, and we also have access to our two offices in Szczecin and Warsaw. What is your favorite way of working?

I absolutely love remote work and I’m grateful to Tidio for giving us all this opportunity. Whether I’m sitting at my desk at home, in a cafe, or at the airport waiting to board a flight to go on a workation, I feel that I have the freedom to choose where it’s best for me to do my job. And this feeling is worth a lot! 

For example, last year, I spent a semester abroad with the Erasmus exchange program. I’m still a student so I really wanted to use this opportunity. I moved to Rome and continued working at Tidio from there, which was a beautiful experience. I know that the company trusts me that I will do my job with quality, no matter where I’m located or what hours I work. I, in turn, know that I will not let them down. This mutual trust is priceless, and I’m happy that Tidio managed to build this culture.

At the same time, as I currently live in Warsaw, it’s nice knowing that there is always an office that I can visit and work from. I try to spend some days there at least once a quarter, and it’s a great chance to meet other Tidioers in person. And the office itself is super nice, matching the vibe of Tidio in the best way.

What 3 words would you use to describe Tidio to someone?    

Challenging. Tidio is a perfect place to develop your skills and gain hands-on experience. You learn to take ownership of both your successes and your failures, as well as be encouraged to learn from them. Working at Tidio is challenging in the most positive sense of the word. 

Caring. It’s beautiful how much the company wants to ensure that you feel good working there. Regular well-being surveys, 1:1 meetings with your manager, team meetings, and HR check-in are not just formalities. Everyone actually wants you to be happy at work. Unfortunately, I feel like not many companies still realized that employee happiness is the most important key to productivity and growth. However, Tidio is nailing this.

Growing. Tidio is growing very fast, and it’s noticeable! However, they are not simply hiring more people and calling it growth. The company always strives to improve its processes and culture. Every new hire brings something unique to the company, and Tidio gladly accepts it.

What is your favorite part of your role?

My favorite part is simply setting a goal (and we have a great system for it in Tidio) and then achieving it. :) I’m a very results-oriented person, and it’s great that I can find a use for this trait of mine in Tidio. Whether it’s winning a certain number of backlinks, writing an article, or being a ‘buddy’ for a new colleague - I really like having a diversity of tasks and doing them as best as I can.

What's a common myth/misconception about your professional field that you'd like to bust?

That there is a ready solution to everything. No way! Digital PR and outreach is something that changes so drastically and so often that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. However, we have to. What worked one year ago might not work now, at all. Thus, this role is all about adapting, learning, testing, and turning mistakes into lessons. Sometimes, everyone is at a loss why something is not working even though it worked not so long ago. And it’s a normal thing that you have to take into account.

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