"Grow With Tidio" program – our approach to professional development in practice

In the era of an overwhelming drive to be better and better, it is very easy to fall into the trap of the need for continuous development. The word development becomes more of a cliché, a buzzword that is cool to repeat, than anything substantial. Consequently, it rarely focuses on a goal and becomes an end in itself...

One of the values ​​at Tidio is Focus on Impact. Hence, as a company, we aim to focus on effectively supporting our employees in their development - don't just do for the sake of doing but wisely choose the best methods and means that will bring the most value. Please find out more about how we do it!

Our approach

Establishing responsibility is the starting point of our approach to development. In our world, the employee is the owner of the development process. Growth is like nordic walking, where the athlete sets the goal of his walk, route, pace, difficulty level (ambition), and intensity. In our case, it is the Tidioer, who defines their aspirations, sets a development goal and time frames, looks for support, and asks for feedback.

For a nordic walking practitioner to achieve their goal, they need support, challenge, and motivation. That's why they use poles, which facilitate walking and stimulate the work of the whole body to provide even more benefits. What are these poles in our case? These would be a Team Leader and the HR team 😌 

The Team Leader is supportive during the entire process. Their role is to help set goals, challenge ideas, and link them with the business strategy. The person also motivates whenever the team member faces a temporary drop in strength and commitment. The HR team, in this case, is the second "pole" of the support. They help find the right tools to empower the development process and look for opportunities within the teams and the company

Individual development of Tidioers is about growing as a person, and for us, it is about growing as a company. It is vital for a business that employees have essential knowledge and competencies to turn them into innovation and high performance. From the cultural point of view, we want to build a safe place to increase self-awareness and follow our own needs. Our goal is to create and maintain a culture of continuous development based on three pillars: knowledge, personal growth and diversity

We believe that as Tidioers, we are top-class experts in our fields, and being up to date with the newest trends and learnings is our priority. Each of us is open to improvement and broadening perspectives on the individual level. At the same time, our teams communicate and perform well, thanks to the power of variety.

As the company, we created a Grow with Tidio program, allowing Tidioers to choose from different tools and pick those that best suit their needs. The name of the development toolkit is a direct link to our EVP slogan: Grow by helping thousands grow. We don't want to rely just on words; words mean nothing without actions that follow them 😎

How does Grow with Tidio program look in practice?

There are numerous ways we try to implement the program: we guarantee the expansion of knowledge thanks to training budgets and free access to an e-book platform; we participate in conferences (and often as speakers), we also conduct numerous internal training. 

Let's have a closer look at the training. Some are dedicated to everyone, especially when being a new hire, and some are more tailored to specific needs. For example, every new hire participates in our feedback & recognition workshop. Why? As a company, we support a feedback-based culture, and it is crucial to make every new person joining Tidio know about it. We also aim to address the needs of selected groups, such as, i.e., new leaders, by regularly delivering a series of training courses that cover the most common leadership challenges.

And what about individual development? Here we offer the possibility of using Gallup Clifton Strenghts assessment tool. Thanks to the test, our employees get to know themselves better and understand what motivates them and what their needs and natural behavior patterns are. Access to these tests is followed by a detailed discussion of the results with certified internal trainers. 

When it comes to an understanding of how we all work as a big team, we draw the best from diversity and base our findings on Insights Discovery's personality concepts. On a general level, we want everyone new in the company to know its unique combination of traits, but we also give space to get to know others. If necessary, we organize team workshops, where the members jointly work out the benefits of everyone bringing different energy. At the same time, they also learn to communicate with people of different styles.

storytelling workshop with Kamil Kozieł (kamilkoziel.pl)👆
Public speaking workshop👆

As a part of the Grow with Tidio initiative, we also organize internal development programs for people who decide to develop in the role of experts and mentors. We provide substantive support (role training, public speaking, etc.) and create a space to exchange experiences and share best practices internally and externally on the events we sponsor.

And what about the results? How do we know that we're doing a good job? Well, as in sports, we also try to measure the effectiveness of our activities. For the key activities from the business and cultural point of view, we track quantitative indicators (% of people participating in training). Additionally, we aim to measure the quality of our activities by running satisfaction surveys and openly asking our employees for feedback. 

So... do we dare to say we know how to stimulate the professional development of Tidioers? We try to do our best to give them various tools and support them whenever they need us. But then, as the process itself suggests, growth is a continuous journey for both us as an organization and the people we have on board 🚀

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