Tips on Promoting Knowledge Sharing at Work

Knowledge is power. We've all heard this quote, often to the point where it starts to sound like a cliche. However, the truth is that in every organization, the employees' experiences and insights can be a tremendous asset, especially if shared among others. But how to promote knowledge sharing across teammates and the whole company? What methods and tools can be helpful in this process? This article explains why you should put knowledge sharing on your priority list and what method to use to foster it in the workplace. 

Why is knowledge sharing important?

Ok -

Let's start from the beginning. Why is knowledge sharing actually a big deal?

  • It can significantly improve creativity among teammates and influence their overall satisfaction. 
  • It helps them to eliminate mistakes and affects the team's efficiency. 
  • With easy access to knowledge, teams can focus on their tasks instead of wasting time and energy searching for the information they need to do their job. 
  • Additionally, it supports employees' professional growth, who can learn from coworkers' experiences and confront ideas. 
  • Last but not least, the well-prepared knowledge-sharing process helps maintain workflow during the vacation season or when someone decides to leave the company.

Sounds serious, right? So if we all are on the same page, understanding how crucial knowledge sharing is, it's time to check how we can implement and improve the process in the organization!

There is no one right way to share knowledge


Doesn't sound optimistic, I know. But what if I say that this is actually its true beauty?

Each of us has unique skills and experience but also - needs and expectations. That's why it's impossible to choose one right way to promote learn&share at work. The best option is to offer employees varied opportunities to do it. 

So, how do we do it at Tidio?

  • To nurture professional development of our employees we created a Grow with Tidio program allowing Tidioers to choose from different tools and pick those that best suit their needs. The program offers a range of development tools and workshops run by certified trainers that allow individuals and teams to get to know themselves better and in a result improve they daily work and cooperation.
  • For those interested in strengthening their personal brand, developing new skills, and sharing knowledge externally, we created Tidio Ambassadors Program. Ambassadors participate in workshops on public speaking, presentation building, content writing, etc., and then have a chance to test their new skills during external events.
  • For tech-savvy employees that want to gain new technical knowledge, we offer guilds that bring together developers. Thanks to these meetings, we are reducing the technical debt and constantly testing better and better solutions.
  • Our employees also prepare internal learn&share sessions for their colleagues from different teams to promote cross-team knowledge transfer. 

Tools - what to use to promote knowledge sharing? 

Now - 

Imagine a library without a system; to find the book you want to read, you must look at every shelf. Such a library wouldn't last long, would it?

The same applies to the company. Have you ever spent hours looking for one piece of information all over company files? Or have you often been asked the same question over the past months? Ugh…Sounds frustrating and time-consuming! That's why choosing the right tool is vital in building an organizational culture focused on knowledge sharing. 

But what is "the right tool"? There are 3 ground rules:

  • It should be easy to use for everyone in the company, 
  • It should have a transparent knowledge storage system, 
  • Everyone should have easy access to it. 

At Tidio, we use Notion - the app where our employees can find all essential categories. Additionally, we create dedicated slack channels to be up-to-date with every crucial change in our products and the monthly achievements of others teams. We also organize monthly Zoom meetings and Q&A sessions that allow us to be on track with business news and updates. 

A feedback culture - a vital step in promoting knowledge sharing at work

Building a company's culture where every employee sees feedback as an integral part of growth is crucial in promoting knowledge sharing. This kind of safe environment makes everyone unafraid to come up with initiatives and ideas. Moreover, it encourages employees to notice and praise each other for a well-done job.  

At Tidio, we use a few tools that will make it all easier. We use the OfficeVibe app, where we regularly evaluate our satisfaction at work, and the Kudos feature, where we can praise our colleagues publicly or send a personalized Kudos card. 

💡 What to learn more about Tidio’s feedback culture? Read the piece How to Give Constructive Feedback: Tips & Examples

What now?

Although it may seem difficult at first - we all struggle with Imposter syndrome from time to time - sharing knowledge is extremely rewarding and beneficial for everyone! 

A culture where employees support each other in growth by sharing skills and knowledge is priceless. After all, none of us is a lonely island, and we can achieve real success only by working as a team on a common goal. Hopefully, these few tips will inspire you to start promoting knowledge sharing among your colleagues and get pleasure and satisfaction from it.

Good luck!

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