My Growth – A Customer Success Journey with Marius Laza, Chief Customer Officer

Hi! I’m Marius, I’m the Chief Customer Officer at Tidio. I have over 13 years of experience in customer success and building world-class CX teams. Having previously worked for 8 years at Instapage, leading one of their global offices and their CX teams in the US and Romania, I joined Tidio in 2022. I have experience working with thousands of customers and using the Customer Success flywheel to generate ARR while minimizing churn and keeping a high customer satisfaction rating.

What does "Grow with Tidio" mean to you? 

Tidio is taking us all along for the ride; the company has been consistently growing in the past few years, and with that come opportunities and challenges that I enjoy being a part of. I knew a lot of information about the vision and mission of the company when I joined and correctly anticipated what would come if I joined the company - which was a factor in my decision. 

How have your manager and/or colleagues at Tidio helped you develop and improve your skills?

I think transparency’s importance in an organization can not be overstated. Because all of our team members share their work, their plans, and their processes, you get unique insights into what it takes to run and grow a multimillion-dollar company. Plus, this gives people the space to share their ideas and challenge your ideas, which always leads to better outcomes.

What are your career goals, and how is Tidio helping you achieve them?

I think for a lot of people in C-level roles, the goal evolves to making an impact on both the business and the careers of the people that make up the business. Seeing people grow and the company grow is the clearest indicator of success so my goal is to get as many wins as possible that tick one or both of those boxes. Tidio is giving me the opportunity to do it, but also the space and autonomy to make impactful decisions. From talking to customers and understanding the space to deploying new products and helping shape the future of online communication. 

What attracted you to Tidio in the first place?

For a customer experience nerd, there’s nothing more exciting than joining a company that built a product that’s at the forefront of this space. Tidio and our AI bot, Lyro, give me the chance to advocate for a product we use and believe in. I was always interested in using technology to make customer experience frictionless, but now being part of a team that is building this, instead of just a user of the product, is something that is hard to replace.

What has been the most important moment for you working at Tidio so far?

Being part of launching a new product and seeing it succeed beyond our projections was both very challenging and rewarding. It’s not just a moment, but the weeks and months leading up to success after you start something that may or may not work is the best part of the job.  

Name one important thing you've learned as a manager.

People have strengths and weaknesses, and generally have good intentions. I enjoy and encourage everyone to try to understand each other better and play to their strengths - it can lead to impressive results.

What's a common myth/misconception about your professional field (tech/growth/ product etc.) that you'd like to bust?

There is still some confusion around Customer Success and the many naming variations of similar roles: customer happiness manager, customer ninja, etc; I would like people to know that the titles are not relevant. In Software as a Service and even beyond it, there is a massive need for expert advisors who can help clients skip the guesswork and learn how to utilize a product to its full potential. That’s Customer Success and the outcomes with it are far superior to the outcomes without it. 

Any tips for someone looking to get into a career like yours?

It’s easier if you enjoy it; if this space is something you read about in your free time and if you are having a little bit of fun with it, I think growth comes naturally. There are so many opportunities out there for people who are willing to give it a shot and put in the work. I will mention that it does take time and persistence, but it’s worth it!

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