My Growth - Accelerating Business Success and Personal Development – Monika Dmochowska, Head of Talent Acquisition

Hi! I'm Monika.

I’m a Head of Talent Acquisition who lives and breathes the idea that having the right people in the right positions is an inherent part of every company’s success. By leading employer branding and talent acquisition functions, I ensure that we contribute to the overarching company’s strategy and success. Apart from the leadership role, I still actively recruit, mostly for executive positions.

In my free time, I read, walk my dog, go to the gym or learn West Coast Swing dance. My favorite travel destination is Scotland, as I'm in love with the landscape of the Scottish Highlands.

What does "Grow with Tidio" mean to you? 

I’m a living embodiment of this saying! Tidio has been a pivotal part of my career and played a big role in my professional and personal journey. With a background in recruitment agency work, I’ve always needed to be adaptable, serving different companies from a variety of industries.

Tidio allowed me to narrow my scope and dive into the specifics of the startup world. As our business expanded, so did our recruitment and HR efforts. I’ve been enjoying being part of this evolution, initially supporting it hands-on and later taking on a more strategic role.

Interestingly, our geographical expansion reflects this progression. At first, we were acquiring talents only from Poland, now we spread our recruitment activities across Europe and both Americas, attracting exceptional professionals from different backgrounds. This growth wasn't without its challenges, of course. Still, I believe that every twist and turn has contributed to my ongoing growth curve. 

What are your career goals, and how is Tidio helping you achieve them?

Having recently stepped into my current role (Head of Talent Acquisition), my primary goal is to make sure that I live up to the expectations I have set for myself and ensure our acquisition machine works seamlessly and in alignment with the company’s objectives.  My ambitions lie in growing within a strategic, international capacity, where I can guide the team towards accelerating the company's development. My current scope of responsibility aligns well with that goal.

Name one important thing you've learned as a manager.

It’s something I had learned thanks to the Insights Discovery training and accreditation but it came to life during my managerial experience. Never be afraid to hire and lead people different from you, and always strive to hire people better than you in certain areas. Of course, ensure that each team member possesses the necessary skills and adheres to crucial processes, but give them space to be themselves.

It's similar to solving a math problem—while there may be one correct answer, there are multiple paths to reach it. And sometimes, the paths others take might be more effective than the ones you've established as the best.

By allowing team members to explore their own ways of working, you not only support a culture of innovation but also create opportunities for mutual learning. Additionally, having diverse abilities within the team ensures that any gaps are more effectively covered, leading to better cooperation and effectiveness.

How would you describe Tidio to your best friend?

Describing Tidio to my best friend is quite easy because it's been a frequent topic in my conversations with them. I'd tell them that Tidio isn't just another workplace—it's a place where values like "focus on impact" and "take ownership" aren't just words on a wall, but principles we really believe in. We’re focused on bringing tangible results for the business, and often we're empowered to choose the best paths to get there.

However, this freedom isn't without its weight. It requires us to take full responsibility for our actions. Working in a dynamic, goal-oriented environment (and in a recently precarious tech space) isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for those who thrive on adaptability and want to make a difference, it can be incredibly rewarding.

Any tips for someone looking to get into a career like yours?

In recruitment we’re not just “behind the scenes” support; we're vital functions that help to drive business success. But it’s on us to prove that.

Some time back, our team shared a lighthearted jest about our familiarity with certain roles we recruit for. We joked that we could probably pass at least the first interview for these positions elsewhere. But in reality, that's the aim. To bring in professionals who truly propel the business forward recruiters have to grasp the business landscape, the purpose of each role, how success will be measured, and which skills and qualities signify the right fit. Even more, it's about ensuring that hiring managers are on the same page and, if not, assisting them in refining the role description. It’s not easy, especially in smaller companies, where many roles are new for recruiters and hiring managers, but it’s doable.

This mindset would help you see the bigger picture and improve your understanding of the business. As you progress, you'll be able to operate more strategically, refine processes, and collaborate with the leadership team to co-create the overarching strategy.

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