Onboarding at Tidio - Our Approach to Your First Days

No matter if we’re talking about private or professional life, we all know that the first impression is crucial. The question is - what should we do to turn the first infatuation with our company into a long-term relationship rather than a fleeting adventure? 

If that brief intro made you wonder whether by offering a job we mean “Will you marry [Tidio] and won't leave until death do us apart?” - then stay calm & don't worry. Instead of creating pressure, we prefer to create a friendly atmosphere and provide a sense of satisfaction that will stop you from saying, "I want a divorce!" anytime soon ;)

How? - take a look at our way of implementing “Welcome on board” actions!

Let's start with the fact that we divided the entire process into three stages:

  • Pre-onboarding (a month before the official start)
  • Kick-Off (from your 1st day until the end of the 2nd week)
  • Long term onboarding (from the 3rd week to the end of the 3rd month)

Pre-onboarding Stage

Creating a valuable relationship takes some time, so we do our best to make a New Hire feel welcomed in our company. In the pre-onboarding stage, our candidate can expect contact from the administrative department, which is always ready to help and advise in choosing the type of contract or other formal issues. If you decide to sign a B2B contract and haven’t set up your own business yet, you can always rely on our support. For those who’d like to feel more secure by receiving a preliminary agreement - we’ve got you covered! 

In the next stage, another Tidioer comes into play - the P&C Ops Specialist who is responsible for the operational side of onboarding.

At least four weeks before the start date, our New Hire selects the equipment, chooses some inspirational books, and picks a Tidio hoodie size. The biggest surprise is always the “Can you tell us what is your shoe size?” question. No, we’re not joking. So what is it all about? We’re simply huge fans of the iconic Polish brand - Kubota. After all, could there be a better welcome pack in the “home office age” than a warm hoodie, a huge mug, and comfy slippers?

In the next step, it’s time to make a decision about the onboarding mode that will suit your needs and preferences. There are a few options available for you: remote - so fully digital or offline – in one of our offices. Since Tidio is a workplace with a hybrid model, we leave the decision to the employee and to their team leader. Most of our current candidates come from different parts of Poland or Europe so if possible we’d be happy to provide them with the opportunity to spend at least a week in one of our offices in Warsaw or Szczecin. What if you decide on visiting us onsite? ? We book you a cozy apartment, arrange a trip, and when it’s all done we start to cross off the days in the calendar until your visit. At the same time if you go for a remote onboarding, we’ll do our best to transfer the welcoming atmosphere to the online world via Zoom and Slack.

At this stage, we’ll also put you in touch with your Buddy so the person responsible for giving you insights into the company culture and introducing you to other team members. It’s worth mentioning the Tidio Buddy Program, which main mission is: Feel welcomed like never before. There can be no proper introduction to a company without the social aspect. Being aware of this, we decided to introduce a company-wide mentoring program.

A week before the start date, our employee receives a few emails containing information about our offices, a framework plan with “What to expect in the first days” schedule, and access to the necessary tools and platforms. It is also a moment for equipment and Welcome Pack delivery Then, we reach the day when we’re only counting down the minutes to saying “Welcome on board"!

Kick-Off Stage

The great moment has begun, and what’s next? 

The first meeting in the calendar is a "New Hire Guide" organized by one of our recruiters. It's a crucial point of the onboarding day that makes it easier to get to know the secrets of the organization’. It is an excellent start and insight into Tidio culture as well. The meeting obviously takes place in the office or via Zoom depending on the onboarding mode. 

After a short introduction, it's time for the team leader and the buddy to take care of the employee and introduce her/him to the rest of the team. Many companies have a routine to initiate a team lunch, but we decided to take a step further. Following the well-known phrase: "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach," we've created a tradition of "Welcome bagels" for all new employees It is the perfect opportunity to say "hello", grab a bagel and recharge energy for the rest of the day. And guess what? Even if onboarding is remote, the food set is sent to the new hire's home address as well so that you can still enjoy sharing a meal with teammates in the remote table.

Product training is one of the most significant stops on our onboarding roadmap. It allows new employees to know our product inside out. No matter if a new hire’s job position is in the administration or tech department, everyone has a chance to discover the secrets of Tidio's great success. Many say that this is the "crème de la crème" of the onboarding process, which is worth waiting for.

Another significant point on the onboarding schedule is a group meeting with each head of a particular department and our CEO. It's an excellent opportunity to learn about the company’s departments. Although our Heads' calendars are filled to the brim, they always find a space for our new joiners.

Long term onboarding stage

When the first emotions slowly subside, it's time to refresh the knowledge shared in the first two weeks. It's the moment when we check the new hire's progress and provide them with our Business Partners' support. They’re responsible for eliminating all kinds of obstacles that may have a negative effect on employee onboarding. Cooperation and proper communication between Team Leader, Buddy, and Business Partners allow us to evaluate if the onboarding brings satisfactory results.

At the end of the second month, it's time to summarize all actions taken during the process. The crucial point of this stage is feedback shared by the new hire and by other people involved in the process. We believe that this is the most valuable part of onbarding, which very often is a source of useful tips and inspiringl thoughts that allow us to improve the whole process.

If you ask us a question, what are the key factors that help Tidio successfully onboard new employees? We would say the willingness to share knowledge, honesty in feedback, responsibility, and process ownership. We appreciate the openness and commitment of the people who create our team. Every successful onboarding means that Tidio grows in strength. 

And now the final question - would you like to "high-five" us and join the crew? We'd be delighted! Hope to see you soon on board!

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