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According to studies majority of recruiters have already hired a candidate through social media. They also say that more than 90% of hiring managers will review social profiles before offering a job. Surprising? Well... who are we kidding :) Since we all at least occasionally use social media to learn more about the people we meet, no wonder a similar process happens when it comes to hiring new talents. ;)

In this case, having a personal brand can either help you or make it difficult for you to get this cool offer you’ve wanted so much... Personal branding is important not only online, but since we live in the digital age, this is where it all begins. But how to do it right and very often from scratch? There are a few tips and best practices that are worth keeping in mind: 


Google your name 

Just do it once in a while. Haven’t ever done it? Do it right now! The Internet is a bottomless container of information and we’ve all been using it for years. I bet that many of us have already lost track of the number of times we posted something to our social media or someone from our network mentioned us “in that super short note on their website” (let it even be a highlight in the high school’s online magazine). By browsing for your name, you aim to take control (or at least get awareness) of your current online presence. Once you establish how the world sees you, you may decide to leave everything you found as it is, but such knowledge is definitely the first step to creating a conscious personal brand online.

‍Filter out the channels and content you post

The second piece of advice is to use the channels and all their features but in a smart way. First of all, not every channel is the same – what is acceptable and even recommended on Instagram or TikTok may be out of place and often misinterpreted once posted to i.e. LinkedIn. No matter how obvious it sounds, make sure you familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each platform to consciously and appropriately apply your content. And what about such omnipresent containers as Facebook?  There is no harm in still posting pictures from parties to show your close friends but only given that you make good use of the privacy settings on posts to sort your connections into groups (i.e. close friends, coworkers, etc.) and then target your communication appropriately.

‍Stay connected and show your interests

Using social media channels wisely can give you a competitive advantage over the people who still perceive their online presence as something unimportant. We live in an era where we can almost from the comfort of our home craft our own image. If you would like your profile to stand out among other candidates use it to show that you are truly interested in what you do professionally – follow thought leaders in your discipline, monitor and attend online events, join discussion groups. Doing so has countless benefits – not only will you stay up to date with what’s going on in your field, but also it will allow you to be spotted easily by recruiters and make them remember your profile. And how about sharing some content related to your hobbies? It may turn out the hiring manager shares your passion! Extra cookie points are guaranteed!


Don’t be afraid to share relevant content

Are you afraid of posting to your profile? Start with small steps. First, reshare interesting publications or information provided by i.e. the company you work for. Over time, try to add a short sentence of your own personal comment to it. If it still doesn’t come easily try with a simple CTA like “Check out the latest news on XYZ!”.  Once you start feeling it, start writing more. And what if you are afraid someone will point you out a mistake? There is nothing wrong with that, either. First of all, discussions under posts in social media build reach and second of all, there is no better way than learning from your own mistakes.... Remember that each such situation can be handled unscathed, and public admission of one’s own mistake is seen as a very difficult act and hence it builds enormous social trust. Also, if you are serious about your professional image, don’t forget to occasionally share your own content. What could it be? Anything from the events/workshop you attend or the challenges you overcome is a good idea.

Don’t hide your personality

Are you worried about being pointed out as “different”? We all are, but trust me adding a little personality to your posts will only help you stand out in the crowd. The way you phrase your posts, the way you use emojis (or not) same as the content you share will make your profile unique. Maybe with time, you will even develop a distinctive style that will allow your followers to spot your posts immediately? Instead of copying others try to communicate the way that is most natural to you. But remember, if you care about keeping a certain professional image refrain from using violent language or profanity (as refering back to the first “DO” what once posted online, most likely will stay there for long).

Don’t do a monologue

What do all social media have in common? They are social :), which basically means that they digitally represent the in-person experience of a public debate and spending time together. “Together” so in a form of social exchange – one party is talking, the other is listening and commenting. Try not to forget about it while getting active on social media – comment on other people’s posts and engage in conversations. Soon you’ll find that the social media algorithms like it too. Once you get active, your own posts will all of a sudden get higher reach and be commented on by others. And this will make a good impression on your profile visitors.

The few tips above are there to get you started with building your personal brand online. These however don’t respond to the most common of obstacles you will face in the process – the lack of motivation and time to pursue 🙈 We’ve all been there, I know. That’s why at Tidio we help our employees overcome these obstacles by giving them support in our Tidio Ambassadors program.

This initiative is dedicated to any Tidioers who is willing to strengthen their personal brand and who would like to develop new skills and share their knowledge externally.  As a part of this voluntary program, we provide them with a dedicated CMS platform that allows staying up-to-date with the latest company news and scheduling content to personal social media profiles. Moreover, we organize various workshops (such as public speaking, copywriting etc.) to equip employees with the useful skills that will make them feel confident as they grow their professional brand. We invest in our people as we believe that their activity as experts and Tidio Ambassadors has a real impact on how our company is perceived in the industry, by potential candidates and clients. 

Still, struggling to take the first steps towards growing your personal brand? I hope that you find the article useful. If it only spiced up your interest and curiosity to grow your online presence, then I’m sure we’ll hear about you soon🚀

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