My Growth – Helping Others as a Great Opportunity for Own Development – Radosław Hryciów, Engineering Manager

Hi! I'm Radek Hryciów, Engineering Manager at Tidio  and a Frontend developer at heart 💖

I love working with people and on software development topics by creating alternative ways to proceed. There is no problem without a solution.

What does "Grow with Tidio" mean to you?

While working at Tidio for 3 years, I have grown more than ever since the beginning of my career. My first assignments as a Frontend Developer introduced me to looking at the business side of building a product. Now, I continue to grow and learn new things. Combining my technical experience with soft skills, I help two teams to provide the best solutions in many areas, ranging from AI to developing other employees. The whole process is another opportunity for my own development. I could say it is almost as if the "Growth with Tidio" was happening on both sides 😀.

Tidio offers a series of growth initiatives. Which workshops and training have you found particularly useful so far?

As a leader, I've had the opportunity to participate in a series of internal Leaders Labs Advanced trainings. The best meetings were those focused on the topics of strategic thinking, communication, and change management.

How have your manager and colleagues at Tidio helped you develop and improve your skills?

Of course! Tidio is a place full of specialists in various fields. You can learn just by observing them in action. Often, when I face a challenging task, I take help from more experienced colleagues. Regardless of the type of problem, my colleagues listen to me and guide me in such a way that I find the most efficient solution myself.

What 3 words would you use to describe Tidio to someone?

We are Tidio! Because Tidio is first and foremost people. Specialists in their fields, professionals, yet open-minded and empathetic individuals at the same time.

What is your favorite part of your role?

I don't think there is one thing I could call a favorite. What I value the most would be influencing people, working in software development areas, and constantly facing new challenges.

What are your hobbies? What do you love to do after work?

I love to travel with my family. We are in different areas of Spain several times a year, exploring and eating delicious food. As a big fan of cooking, I often try to recreate Spanish flavors in my kitchen when we return. My signature Spanish dish is paella. In addition to cooking, when I want to relax, I listen to electronic music or go for long walks. All-day trips to the woods in autumn are also a must for me. Especially when it's mushroom harvesting season 😇

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