My Growth – Progress, Support and Many Smiles Along the Way – Ignas Šimkus, Head of Partnerships

Hi! I'm Ignas Šimkus, Head of Partnerships at Tidio. I gained most of my marketing/partnerships experience in consumer-oriented CyberSec business (NordVPN). Now - I am obsessed with B2B and all the growth strategies around it. In my spare time, you can find me building LEGO towers with my 2-year-old daughter. 

What does "Grow with Tidio" mean to you? 

Growing up with Tidio for me means having the chance to step up and lead projects, even though they are new and may be challenging for me. It's also about getting the support and tools I need to hit my targets and the vibe of our mission in every big talk we have. And, of course, seeing how our product and team evolve over time is just exciting – there's a genuine grin on my face when I stumble upon old versions of Tidio's website on, realizing how far we've come. That's what 'Grow with Tidio' means to me – it's about progress, support, and many smiles along the way.

What attracted you to Tidio in the first place?

What caught my eye about the company at first was the mix of challenges and the opportunity size all in one. It felt like a place where I could really roll my sleeves and get into work while also having room to grow. And, of course, Tidio's culture fused into a remote-first work environment. It was this post-covid time when employees were urged to get back to their desks - while I truly believe it's always about "who" and "why" rather than "where".

Coming back to professional development... At Tidio, one can find a series of growth initiatives. Which workshops and training have you found particularly useful so far?

The training program that really stands out for me is 'Leader Labs.' It's a series of workshops around leadership and management and what I like the most about it is that it's not just theory - it's all about practical skills. These workshops cover everything from understanding the business side of things to dealing with people and being flexible in different environments. Plus, having sessions with external trainers adds a fresh perspective.

Have your manager and colleagues at Tidio helped you develop and improve your skills?

We work closely together on projects, which is always a fantastic way to learn from others' expertise. The environment here is very supportive, so I always feel comfortable asking questions and getting help when needed. Also, the encouragement and feedback keep motivation high and encourage growing and pushing myself.

Being the Head of the department, you also have the opportunity to develop your management skills. Name one important thing you've learned as a manager.

Empathy is the key. You will be as good a manager/team member as you are a friend/husband/father. Productive relationships come from listening, trust, and self-reflection. 

Let's talk about your field of expertise. What's a common myth/misconception about your professional field (so affiliate marketing) that you'd like to bust?

The same playbook will work for both B2B and B2C affiliate/partner programs. While there are many overlapping principles and practices - such as building mutual trust, providing value, etc. - the execution and tactics often vary significantly between B2B and B2C partnerships, especially when you go upmarket. And the core of this difference comes from the conversion process itself. In the B2C space, partners often look at the "buyers" from a transactional point of view - meaning they are expecting something in return and as quickly as possible, whereas in B2B, it's highly relational - long-term, calculated moves, value, and reputation-driven. 

To sum up – what 3 words would you use to describe Tidio to someone?

Ambitious, supportive, dynamic - a workplace where we aim high, watch each other's back and embrace the changes.

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